Beyond Digital Transformation

We often talk about how technology is disrupting business models. Beyond business models technology is truly disrupting and transforming human interactions.

If it didn’t happen on social the event didn’t happen, that’s the mantra we live with. Social platforms have tapped into the psyche and have created this urge to share our lives with the digital avatars of our family and friends. Be it a drinking a Dance3 at Black Hammering, an Allagash at Nola or the Madras Coffee at Saravana Bhavan with a bud or an introspective time with an awesome hot chocolate at Coupa Cafe. These moments make their way into WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Medium.

Sitting in a Lyft or a Uber I strike a conversation with the driver or the pool​/line sharer. Not only do I share the ride with a stranger but I end up sharing stories or silence with them during the 15-20min drive. The connections I make here go beyond the digital social world. My Airbnb hosts open their doors and their lives when they share a room at their house. The few minutes their cat spends with me, I learn the art of relaxing and realize how much I’m miss “doing nothing and just chilling”.

Technology has enabled us to take our real moments with family and friends to digital world and has brought strangers from digital to our real world by creating this sense of “trust”. It’s exciting to be part of the Big Data Technological (Hadoop, non-relational databases, open source technologies, connected devices) evolution that is facilitating these changes.

The true “elephant” in the room is that while we live within the “structures” of an house or a car, we are more “connected” with one another and “open” to possibilities that go beyond the white “clouds” and the blue sky.

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