CX Enlightening moments during my R&R

I initially started this blog thinking about why some of these are not dead yet and how some of these are pretty sensible. I quickly realized that these are lessons of good and bad customer experiences from which I can learn. On your vacation aren’t you supposed to take your mind off work, guess you can’t take your learning off work.

Irrelevance of Free printed maps in a world filled with map apps

It surprises me that as part of your car check out routine at car rental, agencies ask whether you need a map? Why are we still printing these maps let alone offering it to customers. Are there people out there who are still saying, yes I’ll take that map as I don’t know to use the Google maps app. There are about billion users just using Google Maps, about 200 million users in the US using smartphone & about 45 million users using rental in the US. If not for Google maps, there are myriad other map apps on Google Play and App Store. If someone is not using a smartphone, hope they are using a GPS device for guidance. Not sure what value this is adding to improve customer experience.

Alternatively, they could probably provide an adapter and a charging cable for your smartphone, that for me adds lot more value and I would really appreciate that.


My 2c to improve the “what’sthenameforit penny elongating Machine”

My kids are constantly asking for coins whenever they see this penny elongating machine. How do these make it’s way to probably the most unlikely places — the zoo. They just love turning those levers and the magic of your penny changing form and possibly imprinting something on it. This machine, unfortunately, drives me crazy, as I never carry cash let alone coins. I was at a San Diego Safari, in the brief time I was sitting here, I saw kids with grandparents, teenagers (a foreign tourist) and another family digging their purse and wallet for those coins. Kids obviously love this.

To provide a better customer experience, customers could be prompted to add this to their purchase when they buy zoo tickets or remind them not to forget to bring 51c per kid.


Another option is maybe we can integrate this machine with an app. You purchase several tokens at 51c value per token, you receive a token number which you enter, and voila you get the 1c coin elongated, imprinted, you kids are happy, and you have peace of mind for some more time.

Personal Service is priceless

One of the most sensible things I saw at the San Diego Safari was a place to rest when your family is busy shopping. Nothing rocket science here. I think someone sat down to think, what more can I offer to make our customers stay longer. How about offering them a seat, brilliant!

Beyond these pseudo-gripe turned positive spin thoughts, I genuinely appreciate unexpected personal service

  • A postman who alerted me to park at the 2hr limit instead of 30min zone where I had pulled into.
  • A hostess at Señor Grubby who gave us more tortillas free of charge
  • Our Airbnb host who left us a note that his bar is open for tasting
  • The way Crystal Ski Sports folks attended to my family while we are working on choosing the right ski gear for our kids first ski adventure

Airbnb hosts continually surprise me with their customer service skills. Some of the seasoned hosts leave you with an instruction manual and the newer ones leave stickies at places where they think you need a reminder (it works). They are very clear on what you can and can’t use. If you find something that you didn’t expect they work with you.

In a customer-centric world that we live in, I am always looking to learn to my improve my skills.

I thought these were some interesting opportunities where customer experience could be enhanced with technology, and also some of them reminded me that there is nothing like diligent personal service.

I like to write once in a while. Please let me know what you think.



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