Die and Take Birth Often

I’m not talking about avatars, the cycle of rebirth or about constantly changing your mind. I’m talking about how can you give your best in what you do, consciously die and take birth again. Can you be a new person with renewed intentions and energy?

“How long is the length of life,” asked the Buddha to his students. After listening to various replies, he answered “the length of life is one breath.”

My Guru said that the basis of all meditation is to develop awareness. He wasn’t asking me to develop superhero senses. He was instructing me to develop awareness of everything. He said that I have to be aware when meditating in rest or in motion. It’s easy to develop awareness of physical sensations. It takes practice to cultivate the awareness of emotions, the intention of emotions and effect of emotions on yourself and on others. Finally, it takes more effort to disassociate from right and wrong feelings and arguments and get s*#t done. It boils down to whether you can stick with the path you have chosen for yourself. Can you die to your emotions and do what needs to done. I’m not talking about cultivating deceit. I’m talking about being true to your intentions, being aware of your emotions and aligning actions with intentions. It’s about reflecting on the foundations you have chosen for yourself.

“Fulfill the desires you can achieve, burn the desires you can’t fulfill, Nothing from the past matters, everything you do now matters,” said my Guru.

Everything you do is personal, it’s your life, you better be giving your best (without killing yourself of course). Be passionate, be pragmatic. The only way you can do that is if you live in the present. You don’t have to be childish and start throwing tantrums at failures. Die with the results of success or failure and take birth for the next challenge, recognizing everything is annicha (in Palli it means impermanent). Contradict this with the Sanskrit word – Nitya (which means eternal). Take a minute to think of what it means to live for eternity, you will realize that to have to go through shorter mental cycles of life and death. You will have to cultivate the habit of not carrying your past with you. You will have to burn your accolades and failures, start over every time and live a life of Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

“Show me your original face, what were you before you were born” – Huineng, the sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism.

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