Enter Dragon, Raavan Leave, you must!

Thanks to the iPad, Fire and bigger smartphones, my little ones carry the cartoon action wherever they go. Once in a while, I distract them from their “Diego” and “My Little Pony” to some quality cartoons movie. One such movie is How to Train your Dragon. As I watched this again recently, I started to draw some parallels with the technologies used in data management field. It was Raavan first and now it is Dragon. There is a theme here and Raavan & Dragon also rhyme :p.

Hiccup becomes an unlikely hero of his Viking tribe after he defeats the Alpha Dragon in its stomping grounds. His instincts don’t let him kill the Night Fury after he has brought it down. He breakdowns the traditional structure as he reads into the dragon’s anxiety. He learns about the dragons from books and through his experiences with the Night Fury. He adapts on the go and enjoys the ride.

For me, this strikes a parallel with the ongoing changes in the world of technology. Why you might ask? As we are moving more from RDBMS to NoSQL, structural barriers are being broken. If you think of Night Fury as the information powering an enterpriseHiccup represents the fearless warrior who transforms the world on how to view information as-is.

An enterprise’s early success is formed by strategies that are specific to it. Different functional departments such as, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and sales, nicely fit with each other to make it successful. As they grow and bring on board enterprise scale applications, their emergent strategy changes. Most of the applications which enable their information supply chain, usually follow a cookie cutter approach and box processes with built-in modules. SaaS based applications are similar, as they usually incorporate features that address processes common between enterprises. As these applications define their core processes, differentiation between enterprises typically reduce to operational excellence unless it is for game changing innovation.

Now imagine if you have an enterprise scale application based on certain  principles, upon which you can build layers to suit enterprise specific processes. You can continue to grow organically and by acquisition, and still retain the inherent competitive advantage. With NoSQL based applications, you can read information as-is and with graph based technologies you can derive relationships as you read the data. No more fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Not only can you get the Dragon to stop spewing fire at you but you can ride on it into the cloud as well. Once you Master the Night Fury with these principles, it is not difficult to jump on to ArmorwingCloudJumper or Hookfang into cloud nine. If Hiccup knew I was going to twist his story into technology and Data Management comparison, he would probably say, I told you managing, governing and analyzing data on cloud with NoSQL would be a lot cooler!

“Define data as you read and refine it as youlearn. You can Master it efficiently and enjoy the ride” – Shamanth

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