Harvey redefined customer experience to citizen’s hope

Traumas, Triumphs, and Natural Disasters shift our thinking. It leaves us with an impression or a scar. We are born again with a resolve or a resent. For those of us who are more fortunate, we are compelled to bring out the best in us to give back and extend a lending hand in ways we can. In our capacity, some of us help our friends, colleagues, neighbors and the community. Leaders and authorities who brave the natural disasters to rescue and shelter the ones who have lost property are an inspiration at such times.

Harvey, a once in a lifetime event has probably changed the face of Houston forever. It’s truly amazing to see how much we care and show concern for our near and dear ones. The storm is gone now. It will take a while before the city will start functioning normally.

We are rushing back to the stores to restock our supplies. It’s been 3-4 days since we have been to the market. There have been serpentine lines at the nearby Randall’s. Some stores are opening earlier and staying open longer than others. In these situations, the store manager, the store staff are no longer just people who work for a living, they are true heroes who are taking time to be there to open the doors, minds, and hearts to the bruised community residents.

The clouds are clearing, the Sun’s out, cars are back on the roads and kids are on their scooters. Officials are reaching out to the local citizens to help rebuild the city. Local business doing their best to stay open and help communities and shelters.

Have brick & mortars and local business emerged as leaders by connecting to citizens and not just to customers?

Has Harvey created a new challenge for thedigital warlords in the way they connect withcustomers – How tech companies are helping Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey

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