Making Every Feedback Count

The value of service I received was priceless. AAA provided an exemplary service, from the lady who answered my call to the text messages which updated me on when the help would arrive, to the gentleman who unlocked my car. It is not fun when you lock yourself out especially when you are heading home after a long day at work. I wished him the best and gave him a dollar bill (that is all I had with me). I am more than happy to provide an excellent service rating. However, I am not sure where I can do that on

A platform to gather feedback: Are platforms such as AAA missing out on gathering valuable transactional level feedback from consumers? Another day when Dominos delivered the pizza at home, I was looking out for an email from Dominos asking me how my experience was and whether I would like to take a few minutes to fill out a survey. In addition to tipping for door delivery service, I would have loved to give the feedback on the quality of the food, quality of the service and the quality of the delivery.

Ask for feedback promptly: Apps on your smartphones routinely ask you to rate them. Platforms like Yelp, Amazon, Glassdoor, G2 and others allow consumers to return to their website to write a review and rate. I have not seen an email or a notification from Amazon, Netflix or Yelp asking me to provide feedback on every purchase, movie or my experience at a restaurant. Once I log back on their site or the app, I can provide a review of a product or a service.

An easy interface to provide feedback: Some of the services I subscribe to promptly ask me for feedback.Within a few hours of reading an article, I receive an email asking me, could you take a few minutes to complete the survey to rate how you liked the article. The feedback interface is so easy that it takes a couple of seconds to fill it out. It is not enough to just ask for feedback or create a platform for gathering feedback; it is equally important to make sure the feedback mechanism is user-friendly.

No News is Good News ….NOT!: A lot of us are quick to provide a bad review when we are displeased with a transaction. However providing good reviews count as much for our fellow consumers. I believe “No News is Good News” is a flawed concept. Communicating good and unpleasant news from consumer to provider and vice versa is equally important.

Making every feedback count: Uber, Airbnb, Upwork and some of the other sharing economy based products/platforms are excellent at collecting feedback. They promptly request consumers for feedback and ensure the interaction is quick and easy after every transaction. In the Uber, Airbnb and the Upwork model, my next transaction with a provider is not just based on my choices and reviews but also the reviews that I have received as a consumer.

In the world where operations are tightly integrated with technology platforms and products, it is very easy for a provider to request, enable and collect consumer feedback. It is important for providers to let consumers give feedback at every transaction, else customer service will be more about dealing with ad hoc complaints. Beyond reviews and ratings, insightful customer feedback could influence provider’s innovation and next generation products and services.

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